so like in our tumblr work chat program it alerts me whenever someone says my name but my fucking name is cat and like do you know how often tumblr employees, out of all people, talk about cats? do you know how many times i’ve arrived to a chat, breathless and disheveled, only to realize someone is discussing cat memes, or cat litter, or general feline affairs? A LOT OF TIMES

Dos Toros spread

“Who are all these new people?”
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Tumblr is the home of deja vu in reverse


… when you see something and you instantly know you’re going to see it again and again.

This is one of my favorite Tumblr posts ever and I think about it frequently, particularly on days like today when half the company reblogs something great and/or important.

Twice today!

Twice today!


So I’ve just updated and redesigned my portfolio (and blog). It’s got a fair amount of new work, some of it from Svpply, but most coming from the last few months of freelancing.

I’ve tried to simplify my online presence by joining my blog and portfolio at the hip, hosting them both on Tumblr, and throwing a consistent header at the top of both. I like the duality, like a reflection of my life/work.

I went this route for two reasons:

1) Closed-system social networks like Tumblr have turned the web into the most powerful marketing channel the world has ever known. A single post or personality can ride a righteous wave of Likes, RTs, Reblogs, and Follows to the point where they’re competing for attention with the largest companies and budgets in the world.

This is a given, but, like surfing, it’s also a skill that can be honed with practice.

2) A certain stuffiness is inherent to any portfolio. As designers and artists, we put so much thought and love and care into our work that it’s hard not to take it very seriously.

I don’t want that kind of relationship with my work or my audience or my clients. I’d like to loosen up. I’d like to show more process and not worry so much about appearances. Tumblr is perfect for this. For instance, you can already see in that I’ve added quite a few blog-post-like notes to my work, and I’ve started pulling things directly from Instagram.

My portfolio is as much of a digital native as I am, and I’d like to start treating it as such.

That said!… here goes nothing:

Thanks for looking!

A great example of a designer portfolio on Tumblr. Great work, Ben.